mardi 11 juillet 2017

Oops ...

I made these pots already in April and almost forgot to show them !! 

Hello everyone!

A made pot and a card for my sister in law,

...another pot with a card for my friend Cornelia,

...and a pot for my friend Gundi!

They look very realistic, but everything is just cardstock, even the pots!
...these succulents are quite easy to keep, just remove dust from time to time, that's all!


5 commentaires:

  1. C'est époustouflant de réalité! Et tes cartes qui les accompagnent sont superbes! bises!

  2. Ich kann's bestätigen, sie sehen richtig echt aus!!!!
    LG Gundi

  3. Hi Rosi, ja das wäre echt schade gewesen, wenn Du die nicht gezeigt hättest, so wundervoll geworden.
    GLG Claudia


Thank you for your kind words, wish you a nice day. ♥

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